BackGround is a gaming decentralized gaming platform where players can play their favourite game and earn money, we focused on play and earn concept with our expert's developer we always try to maximize winning chance of Players.

On our platform, we ensure everyone about privacy and high wining chance, our experience and review from customer will help us to improve our platform which provides more chance of earning from various games at the single decentralized website. We always welcome our supporter and our bounty programme open for new suggestion and developers.


A team of developer always working on various project and developments. We have a focus on a gaming-based platform for ETH only.

  • Company Profile

    A leading game creator who has the main focus on DApp where clients can enjoy freedom and money. Right now, more than 20 DApp is under Development. Since 2015 we are working on DApp and our experience and expertise in the domain always encourage by our Clients.

  • What we are doing

    Our research and market analysis lead us towards DApp games and we decided to launch our online gaming portal where anyone can play and earn without registration. We developed an open opportunity for all to earn money without any hassle. is a digital, collectable game built on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be bought and sold using Ether and paly. Each Player owns its own unique, immutable genes and visual appearance. The player is a practical use case for digital scarcity and digital collectables. It pioneered the use of ERC-721, a protocol which is the standard for transactions and ownership of non-fungible assets on the blockchain. In this case, the transparency and proof of data ownership on the blockchain ensured each Player’s ownership and scarcity

    Our smart contract is based gambling platform which is proven to be fair. The randomness of each draw can be verified and secured by encryption. Guss it