How Does It Work?

It is very simple to play online with us just open the website on Mobile or Desktop and start earning. Player has to Bid on the number which will be preset in the Contract. We are giving 50% winning chance but on special days, it will be up to 70%.

  • How to Start?

    Open Game Menu and select your Favourite game 25, 50 or 100.

  • How to Join?

    Select any game from above 3, select your favourite number and system will be redirected to you on MetaMask after that you have to pay the predefined amount for the number and wait for all numbers to be sold out.

  • How to Play?

    When you select your Number or Numbers, it will turn Green and you have to wait for others numbers to be sold out and once they will be sold out the winner will be declared automatically and displayed on the game page

  • How to get a Reward?

    Once your number will be selected as a winner our smart contract will be an issue your winning amount to your wallet automatically as you know that nothing is centralized here.

  • Benefits

    In most of the game-winning chances are less than 10% but here winning chances for Players is more than 50%, many times it will be up to 70% from the players perspective. So, more you invest in it more you will be earning.

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How To Play

We update our site regularly; more and more information are added every day! To help you to play game easily..

Step – 1

Open “GAME” of your choice and it will look alike below screenshot

Step – 2

Click on “Connect” button (Last button on Right Side) to log in to your MetaMask Wallet

Step – 3

Give “Confirmation” on clicking Connect button and grant your wallet

Step – 4

Your “Wallet” will be Active and available balance will be display

Step – 5

Select your “Favourite” number and initiate payment

Step – 6

Sometime your payment will be “Pending”, it’s depended on ETH blockchain traffic

Step – 7

Once you get your desire number it will be “Green” and wait for all number to be sold out

Step – 8

After that, “Winner” will be announced and the winner gets the amount in their same wallet